Hey, I’m Marc.

Employment Lawyer | HR Consultant | Trainer | Investigator | Podcaster | Speaker

I take a pro-active, compassionate, business-first approach to advising employers on employee issues. 

I am passionate about helping you manage and mitigate your legal employment risk; not only through reactive management of issues after they arise, but by avoiding them altogether through respect, education, and positive HR Management.  For over 15 years, I’ve helped businesses do just that, as a big firm litigator, corporate in-house counsel, and non-profit HR executive. While I limit my legal advising to Oregon and multi-state businesses, I conduct trainings, investigations, 



Topics include:

  • Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation
  • Performance Management
  • Conducting Investigations
  • And much more!


      No workplace is perfect, and even the best have serious complaints come up. I can conduct compliant, neutral, and fair investigations of employment issues that arise.


Advice & Counseling

I will help you achieve your business goals with thoughtful and pragmatic advice tailored to help you mitigate employment risk while staying compliant with relevant laws.


     Most companies have received a wage claim or charge of discrimination from the EEOC or state or local agency. I have significant experience investigating and drafting response to charges.

      Policies & Handbooks

      Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need to revise existing documentation, I can help you craft approachable and understandable policy and handbook documents that fit your company culture.

      Litigation management

      Too small for in-house counsel, but still have employment claims in multiple states? I have a proven track record of managing multi-state litigation, hiring local counsel, and resolving cases without breaking the bank!